Famicom Disk System technical reference

Brad Taylor (BTTDgroup@hotmail.com)3rd release: April 23rd, 2004Thanks to the NES community. http://nesdev.parodius.com.Special thanks to Nori and Goroh for thier existing related docs (and Ki andSgt. Bowhack for their respective translations), and to the one known as “D”for his preliminary ROM BIOS documentation he posted on NESdev, a long timeago.Recommended literature: Nintendo’s patent document on the … Read moreFamicom Disk System technical reference

Gameboy schematics

CPU Board This schematic includes: LR35902, The main CPU (Commonly known as GB-Z80; with pinout) LH5264, 8192 byte work RAM (With pinout) LH5264, 8192 byte video RAM (With pinout) External Link Port (With pinout) Game Cartridge Socket (With pinout) Joypad Matrix (D-pad: Left, right, up, down. Buttons: B, A, Start, Select) Audio Amplifier Headphone Jack … Read moreGameboy schematics